Physiotherapy / Physical therapy

The two main subjects in physiotherapy are prevention (preservation of health) and rehabilitation (re-establishment of health).

Therapy forms

  • Therapeutic exercise / Movement therapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Medical massage
  • Warm/cold therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Ultrasound

Aims of Physiotherapy

  • Treatment of cause of physical problem
  • Symptom improvement, symptom control and monitoring
  • Re-education of an unbalanced muscle condition (strength, coordination, stamina)
  • Preservation and re-establishment of natural movement processes
  • Avoidance of malfunction of the movement system

These aims are to enable the patients to keep the best possible movement pain-free, and boost independence / quality of life.

For a successful physical therapy it is essential for patients to carry out the learned exercises regularly, also after completion of the therapy series!